Garden Maintenance


HGG Tag-sm

The following list will help you understand the information on the plant tags so you have the most beautiful landscape and planters possible!

 Annual — these plants last just one season and must be replanted each year (annually).  However, some plants that are called annuals may actually survive the winter and be considered perennials in some areas of the country.

Perennial — these plants are cold hardy and can survive over the winter.  Some will return for several years, while others only last a few years.  We do not grow perennials in our program.


Full Sun — plants that require at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day

Partial Sun / Partial Shade — plants that perform best with 4 to 6 hours of direct sun

Full Shade — plants that should have less than 4 hours of direct sun per day


Upright — plants that grow taller than they are wide; they make a nice center plant in containers or a background in the landscape

Mounded — plants that grow wider than they are tall; they look nice in the foreground of the landscape

Trailing — plants that hang down or spill along the ground; they work great in hanging baskets


Size — this refers to the size of the plant (including flower) at maturity

Spacing — the recommended distance between the plants when planting in the landscape


Deadheading — some flowers require a manual pinching of dead blooms in order to encourage new growth

Self-cleaning — flowers that fall off on their own when the blooms die


Average/Normal — it’s time to water when the top of the soil is dry to the touch; up to an inch of water per week

Below Average/Low/Dry — these plants should dry out completely between watering; need less than an inch of water a week

Above Average/Moderate/Wet — these plants like a consistently moist soil; more than an inch of water a week